Van Dwelling and Stealth Camping

Not so much a post, more a collection of links to posts that I found interesting discussing micro-living.

A lot of content seems to be focused on this as a way of surviving in extremis if there’ an “incident” of some kind popularised in disaster movies. To me, it just looks like it would be a bit of an adventure (albeit with the possibility of carbon-monoxide, pneumonia and fungal infections thrown in if you didn’t get it right).

Not certain if I’d ever consider either of these two options as practical personally, but it’s interesting to speculate on how little space you actually need, and building something functional but stealthy would be a challenge and a change of pace.

These are just a few of the videos I’ve watched, posts I’ve read that seemed to me to have something interesting to say on the subject – YMMV.

And a few Youtube videos – may contain music and /or accents of a graphic / unfashionable nature