Twitter and Amarok

Against my better judgement I’m playing around with twitter (mrsean2k, 1 (spam) follower) ETA: some non-spam followers, woohoo, electronic chums!

Although I haven’t “got” it yet, it’s got me dipping my toe in the water with a few things I’ve meant to get round to, and this is as a result of wanting to have Amarok post my “Now Playing” information as a tweet.

To cut a long story short, the sequence of events is:

  • Install the command line twitter client twidge essentially this will let you tweet from a batch file
  • Get a copy of the Now Playing Signature script
  • Amend the script so that the generated signature is a single line, and so that after the sig is generated, twidge will tweet it automatically
  • Install and run the script in Amarok

I’ll write these up in a bit more (or at least some) detail shortly, but the upshot is that my song choices are automatically posted as tweets. Some tidying to do, and I think I’d be tempted to alter it so that it only tweets on a change of artist / album as opposed to every track, but it was surprisingly easy to do.


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