I met a modeller from their tenure banned
Who said: a vast and goateed ego drones
On in the Literature. Read him witlessly grandstand
Half drunk, with power and lies, reject unknowns
With wrinkled lip, and smearing out of hand
Peers and colleagues he has left for dead
Who yet survive despite the bile he brings
The tweets that mocked them and debate he fled.

And in the Abstract these words appear:
‘My name is MichaelManndias, Lord of Rings,
Look on my novel stats work, and despair!’
Nothing of worth remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal dreck, pointless and bare,
The low and level trends veer far away.

One Man Photoshopped by 18 Countries: Standard Of Attraction Revealed

This week, the Superdrug Online Doctor published the results of a portait sent out to 18 freelancers asked to “enhance” it according to cultural preferences.

Hot on the heels of that project, we have the results of the same experiment using a portrait of a man in his underwear, photoshopped by women, again according to cultural preferences.

This is the original portrait sent out to 18 freelance designers in 18 countries around the world:



Here are the instructions we sent:

Photoshop his form. The idea is to Photoshop and retouch this man to make him more attractive to the citizens of your country. We are looking to explore how perceptions of attractiveness change across the world. Multiple designers are involved. You can modify clothing, but his form must be visible. No nudity. All other changes, including those to his shape and form, are up to you.

“We focused on female designers, as we wanted a woman’s view of what her culture finds attractive and to understand more about the pressures men face,” the project says. Here are the Photoshopped images that were sent back.





































No Pause In Increasing Rates of Global Sexism

It could take “up to two decades” for an unambiguous signal of misogyny to be detected in Tim Hunt’s remarks, researchers claim. If nothing has appeared within this period, they also commit to taking serious remedial action such as just not talking about him again.

Theoretically quoted on BBC Radio 4, the BBC World Service, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Sunday Times – in a timeframe that it would be both sexist and racist to enquire about – science writer Candy St. Phooey claimed the consensus that Hunt is sexist and misogynist remains high at 97% among those whose opinions count.

We put it to her that as there is almost no concrete evidence in support, and as more facts are revealed, it’s looking as if the faults she ascribes aren’t there at all:

“We have always been aware of the so-called ‘Emergence Problem'” she stated, referring to the phenomenon that as more independent accounts are revealed and show his remarks weren’t sexist, reactions to the non-existent sexism shoot up in the opposite direction.

“It doesn’t alter my opinions one bit. There are many theories that rebut this and it’s not my job to educate you. Speaking as a woman and an award winning Science Journalist”, she went on.

Attempts to reconstruct evidence of sexism from these remarks use a method called “Principal Complaints Analysis”; first innocuous remarks by easy targets are heavily filtered; second, the strongest weight is attached to those remarks that appear juiciest in a context-free environment.

This gives rise to the infamous “hockey-stick” shape, determining how outraged women should act that work isn’t everything they dreamed it would be as time goes on, and illustrating the correlation between that dissatisfaction and it being some man’s fault.

In the specific example of Tim Hunt, his remarks in Seoul – the so-called “Shriljander Sequence” – appear almost solely responsible for the shape of the resulting graph.

But according to first hand accounts, these remarks were inverted before processing: they started out explicitly self deprecating and supportive of women, but have been flipped and used with the exact opposite of the intended meaning.

Ode to a Dish-Face (with apologies to Burns)

Taut and full, is your lying ruddy face

Great bawbag o’ the Tory race!

In ‘yon contemptible Murdoch’s embrace

Spineless tripe, clandestine

Deals, a national disgrace

Bereft of charms


For grasping vested interests shill

Your buttocks parted just to fill

Rebekah’s columns for a thrill

In thrall to Brooks

While through your deals the patients kill

You venal crooks.


Still cut for cut, they stretch and strive:

Devil take the NHS, on they drive,

Their coffers swollen by PFI

They’re bent and dumb;

Hear Chairmen of the Board, laughing to burst,

‘The Dividend’s Come!’.


We pray to see that Labour wipe,

You off the map, you shower of shite,

Trenching your gushing entrails bright,

Lose your deposits;

And then, O what a glorious sight,

The seatless halfwits!

Lines On A Young Man’s Affection For His Model

Shall I compare thee to a surface dataset?

Thou art more sinuous and less temperate

Tough minds do strip the certainty away

And HadObs range hath all too short a date


Sometimes breaching 2-sigma lines

And yet by aerosols remain undimm’d

As tree-by-tree conceals decline

It’s Chance (and Nature’s random walk) we’ve binned


But thy enforcéd heating shall not fade

Discard well ECS that is the low’st

As UHI skews measurements we’ve made

Remain – with this dissimulation – warm as tow’st.

Motorola RAZRi (XT890) Compatible Software

The RAZRi has an Intel chipset and is incompatible with a number of apps.

These are the app. I’ve personally, briefly, tested  and found compatible on 4.2.1

A2DP Switcher

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking


Amazon MP3

Anton’s Calendar Widget

(Google) Authenticator

BBC iPlayer

Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe

Brightness Rotation


CamScanner (Full Version)


Contact Widget

DaysUntil Widget


ES File Explorer


Evernote Widget

EZ Time Tracker


Gleeo Time Tracker


Lightning Launcher

Lite LED

Multi Wifi Widget

Pocket Casts




Remember The Milk



SwipeTimes Pro

Tactile Player

Tap log


TuneIn Radio Pro

TweetCaster Pro

VIERA remote2


20th Century Up-tick

Fictitious parasite: purportedly a relative of the far less imposing Common Up-tick, but now almost universally regarded as a misidentification.

Originally believers described it’s “unprecedented” near-vertical attitude, and characteristic warning “BOOM!”. Subsequent examination reveals it’s likely to be a Gentle Down-tick that has gorged itself on dates but, finding it cannot process them properly, regurgitates an unordered mess.

This renders it so thin and unrecognisable that observers have trouble telling what it is, and which way it’s pointing.